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Notice:  Bio5180 is a Total Immersion Molecular Aquatic Ecology course, described below.  The course will next be offered in summer 2019, July 16, 2019 - August 2, 2019.  The course requires a FULL TIME COMMITMENT for the duration of the course.

Bio5180 Molecular Aquatic Ecology is open to both Wayne State and non-Wayne State students and is an exciting combination of lecture, field, and lab learning activities.  Travel subsidies may be available to non-Wayne State students.  For more information, write to jeffram(at)wayne.edu (Physiology and Molecular Taxonomy) or donna.kashian(at)wayne.edu (Biology & Ecology).


BIO 5180: Field Investigations in Biological Sciences -
Molecular Aquatic Ecology

Introduction to BIO 5180 (3 cr.)

Molecular techniques have become increasingly important in understanding the population diversity, community dynamics and anthropogenic impacts on aquatic ecosystems. This 3-week intensive field and lab course, offered by Wayne State University and located at the Belle Isle Aquarium, will provide students with hands-on field and lab experiences by engaging students in organism collection, taxonomy, PCR, DNA sequencing, recombinant DNA techniques and quantitative analysis of molecular data and will offer an opportunity for independent projects in which students explore their own ecological questions and design experiments. The lecture part of the course will cover principles of molecular biology, molecular techniques, aquatic ecology, genetic considerations in conservation biology, and statistical methods for ecological study.

Introductory Biology (or equivalent background in molecular biology and ecology).

July 16, 2019 - August 2, 2019

Click here to view the 2019 course syllabus

Dr. Jeffrey Ram, Dr. Donna Kashian, and Mike Sergeant (instructional assistant) of Wayne State University; and guest lecturers from Wayne State and other universities. See the list of instructors on the syllabus.

Belle Isle Aquarium, Detroit, MI.  Directions to the Belle Isle Aquarium laboratory.

Registration Information

This course is open to WSU and non-WSU upper-level undergraduate and graduate students. The registration period is February 4th – June 25th, 2019 For course planning, we request that you register for the course NO LATER THAN May 4, 2019.

How to Register?

  1. If you are already a WSU student, follow the usual registration procedures, selecting CRN 37341 (BIO5180, titled "Fld Invstgn: Bio Sci").
  2. If you need a course override, email Kim Hunter at kwalk@wayne.edu requesting an override for BIO 5180 and provide your 9-digit student ID.
  3. If you are a non-WSU student, then follow the procedures below to become a guest student and register for the course.
    1. Non-WSU students must first apply to be a guest student at Wayne State Application Portal. Please note that the enrollment process for a guest student requires sending transcripts and may take up to two weeks.
    2. Email us at jeffram@wayne.edu to let us know you've begun the process.
  4. Both WSU and non-WSU students: once you have a 9-digit student Id, an access ID and password set up, you can request a course override.
    1. Email Kim Walkowiak Hunter at kwalk@wayne.edu and cc: to  jeffram@wayne.edu.
    2. Indicate that you would like an override for BIO 5180 and provide your 9-digit student ID.
  5. Once you receive an override, you can register for the class.
    1. Visit Wayne State Registration (https://registration.wayne.edu) and click on "Register for Classes".
    2. Choose "Spring/Summer 2019" as the Term Open for Registration
    3. Type your access ID into the Search field.  You will be requested for your password. Once you have entered that, you can register for the class
    4. Read and confirm the Financial Responsibility Agreement.
    5. Search for BIO 5180: The CRN for this course in 2019 is 37341. Click "Add to Summary"
    6. The course name "Fld Invstgn: Bio Sci", CRN, and course number (BIO 5180) should appear in your Summary.
    7. Click "Submit" (bottom right of screen) to register.
    8. WSU Guide on How to Register for Classes is helpful if you run into problems with the above.

Tuition expenses are outlined at Wayne State Tuition Info. There is an additional course materials fee of $30 for this course.

Need more information?

For registration help, or additional information, email Dr. Ram at jeffram@wayne.edu

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