2014 Ballast Verification Management Workshop Agenda

The final workshop agenda is designed to facilitate discussion of issues, rather than be a series of presentations. The workshops will be an opportunity to demonstrate and discuss verification technologies and to obtain feedback so that technology specialists can respond to or anticipate concerns of regulators, evaluators, users, and manufacturers.  Formal workshop outputs will include a workshop report on this project website. Two main questions this workshop will discuss are:

  • How does ballast water verification technology relate to regulation now and in the future? 
  • How should treatment and verification systems be incorporated into ship operations?

Further details about the meeting:

Expected arrival time:  If you are driving in, let us know so that we can arrange parking passes.  For those who are flying in the night before, please let us know your flight number, expected time of arrival, and cell phone number.  If possible, I (or one of my colleagues) will pick you up at the airport.  For any who arrive by 6:30 pm on January 28, we will take you out to dinner. 
Agenda: The purpose of the workshop is to consider verification of ballast water verification systems in the context of (a) the regulatory framework, (b) available technologies, (c) ship operations, and (d) the future.  Click here for the final agenda as a docx file.  The general outline of the agenda is the following:
Starting Location:  5364 Scott Hall (540 E. Canfield Street, Detroit, MI 48201)
Morning:  after light breakfast starting at 8:30 am, we'll have the morning introductions, discussions, demonstrations, Q & A, and a short talk, focusing on regulatory framework and technologies.  Mid-morning refreshments provided. 
Lunch: at the Belle Isle Aquarium, food by LaPalma (Middle Eastern food), 12:35 pm - 1:30 pm (we'll provide the transportation)  The Belle Isle Aquarium (on Google Maps, next to 600 Inselruhe Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207) is located on an island park in the middle of the Detroit River. 
Afternoon: Workshop continues at 1:30 pm at the Belle Isle Aquarium.   A short keynote, breakout sessions, group discussions, and other activities will focus on ship operations and interactions with other stakeholders and on The Future: emerging regulatory, technological, and ship operation action items. Mid-afternoon refreshments provided, with opportunities to view Aquarium exhibits, including those on invasive species. 
End workshop at 5 pm, with transportation back to Scott Hall and the Inn on Ferry Street.