Ballast Water Treatment Systems

DESMI Ocean Guard ballast water treatment system includes a 9 minute video explaining the system (filtration, UV, ozone).


N.E.I. Treatment Systems uses "low oxygen environment."  View a 5 minute video on the system, which uses "Venturi Oxygen Stripping."


Concorde Ballast Water Treatment System uses a screening filter that is designed to remove organic matter while using a High Power UV system aimed at inactivating marine viruses and bacteria.


SeaCUREâ„¢ Ballast Water Management System: Evoqua Water Technologies has developed a ballast water treatment system that provides a reliable, environmentally sound solution that is designed to protect against the proliferation of aquatic invasive species.


Balpure provides an electrolytic treatment process to generate a disinfectant solution, on demand, using only electricity and seawater.  Balpure® was chosen for Greenway barges for their treatment approach, low power consumption, and low maintenance requirements.


Calgon Carbon acquired Hyde Marine Inc. in 2010 to develop a combination filtration/ UV disinfection to reduce the spread of invasive species. There Hyde Guardian® Ballast Water Treatment System is International Maritime Organization type approved and a chemical free BWTS.


Mahle Industry developed a chemical free BTWS that preforms in different stages. First is a high-performance pre-filter, followed by a continuous filtration. UV is used for efficient sterilization.


Maritime Solutions, Inc. offers a chemical-free ballast water treatment system which has special functionality for data entry. They also offer a centrifugal separation which has potential to help control the spread of Zebra and Quagga mussels. 


GloEn-Patrolâ„¢, uses filtration and UV light.  They can design a complete skid-mounted unit in their workshop to meet specific requirements. 


Trojan-Marinex BWT systems are purpose-built for the marine environment and integrate filtration + UV within one compact unit. (video)

More to come...