Annual Ballast Verification Management Workshops

Annual Ballast Verification Management Workshops are organized by the Ram Laboratory with the sponsorship of the Great Lakes Protection Fund.  These workshops are designed to facilitate discussion of ballast water verification technology, regulations, and ship operations.  The purpose of the workshops will be to examine difficult issues in regulation, evaluation, competing and synergistic technologies, user needs including ship design and workforce, interfacing with treatment systems, and commercialization challenges.  

The first Ballast Verification Management Workshop was held on January 29, 2014.  With regard to Ballast Water Verification, The workshop wille, state and federal officials of both the USA and Canada,  technology experts, ship owners and operators, and equipment manufacturers.

Details of the 2014 Ballast Verification Management Workshop can be found on our agenda and participants list, and a final summary report of the outcome of the Workshop.  

If you are interested in learning more about the 2014 workshop or may be interested in participating next year in our 2015 Ballast Water Management Workshop, please write to during 2014. In order to facilitate discussion and achieve the objectives of the meeting, the total number of participants will purposely be limited to ~15 maximum. 

Useful logistics information for attending future meetings includes driving directions and location of parking and information about transportation from the Detroit Metro airport (DTW) obtained here (airport transportation information prepared for another conference but still applicable)